I’m excited to paint again. It’s like an avalanche of years of suppressed creativity crying out to be expressed. This series started with a story:

It’s the story of our friend Sonja, a very gifted violinist who came back from Europe for a concert. Being back in Sydney, she wanted to see if the family of kookaburras that she had created a special bond with, when she had lived in Killara years ago, would still be there. The problem was, they had sold the house and she hadn’t been there for two years.

The new owners were happy to let her go out on their terrace to call them. To her amazement – and that of the new owners – her special call summoned the entire family of 7 kookaburras up on the railing – and her special friend Ruby (an older kookaburra) flew on her shoulder and kissed her gently on the cheek, holding his peak sideways as not to injure her.

She was so moved when she told the story that I decided to paint it … that special bond between man/woman and animal/bird.